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Thinking of embarking on a new build or renovation and don't know where to start?

Receiving conflicting pieces of advice?

FInding the design and construction process overwhelming and confusing?

This can be a stressful process since there are so many horror stories of people having poor experiences - this is entirely avoidable with the correct research, planning and advice.

We have put together some materials to help you get your project underway...


FREE Project Planning Pack

If you are looking for a single resource guide with all the information you need to plan for your project this guidebook is for you. Included in the guide is:

  • Our Building Project Roadmap

  • Our Project Expert Directory

  • Our Building Cost Estimator

and lots more.
Click below to download this pack. 

FREE Budgeting Guide

Avoid budget blowouts and costly overruns by getting your budget in order before you start your project

FREE Dream Team Directory

On a daily basis, our team receives requests for us to recommend design professionals. To make this process easier, I have listed the design professionals that we trust for specific types of projects. Not only do they do a great job, but they provide excellent advice, as well. These are the experts we trust explicitly. 

FREE Briefing Guide

Got a project in mind? Not sure where to start?


Learn how to be heard and how to let your architectural firm and builders know exactly what it is you want for your new home.

Download our free Briefing Guide to help get your ideas down on paper...

FREE NZIA Guide to Architects Services

This guide is designed to help you understand how to get the best out of your architect and how they will contribute to the success of your building project

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