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Lets face it - Architectural Plans can be confusing

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Plans, Sections and Elevations can often obscure design ideas rather than illuminate them. Unless you’ve spent lots of time reviewing blueprints, you may find it difficult to understand the drawings well enough to have an active partnership with your architect or designer. There is, however, a solution. 3-Dimensional Renders allow you to fully understand your plans and become an active collaborator in your design. At VRA we offer them free to all of our clients.

In the early stages of your project, the 3D model is utilized to make images to help you visualize your dream … because if you can’t see in your mind’s eye what you’re going to build, all the permits and plans in the world are useless.

Traditionally 3D Renderings have cost hundreds of dollars each, and many architects and designers continue to charge this way today. At VRA they are free to residential clients.

How is this possible? Instead of spending hours drawing up plans, then sections, then elevations we use a computer programme called ArchiCAD to create a 3D model of your project. Instead of creating each drawing individually, every drawing is one view or another of the 3D computer model. We can make changes instantly and show the effects without long delays in reviews. This allows our clients to quickly and easily understand what their house will look like once its built.

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