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Site Specific Design

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

What an awesome summer it is turning out to be!

This summer has proved particularly windy and hot. It has lead to much discussion in the office about how we design for all seasons.

Good design is more than just looking pretty - we need to respond to the specific conditions that are in place for every individual site.

The first task we undertake in the design process is a site assessment. It is important to understand the rise and fall of the sun across the section, the prevailing winds and the stability of the building platform. We have quite extreme temperatures to contend with in the Wairarapa as well.

In addition to this we have some strong natural features that surround us - the Remutaka and Tararua ranges; the Aorangi ranges to the south. The Ruamahunga river valley and hills to the east.

Once we have undertaken this assessment we can design to minimise summer solar gain, ensure the building is warm in winter, protect the inhabitants from the NW wind, ensure cross ventilation, maximise the views from the new building and lots of other cool innovative stuff that makes our buildings great to inhabit.

Windy and hot doesn’t seem so bad when you have stepped outside to your windless courtyard and taken a seat in the shade of your outdoor room... now for a local Chardonnay to go with it!

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