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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Wellness is a pretty popular theme at the moment. We know that wellness is about being in good mental and physical health and about actively maintaining that good health. We know that the role of an architect is to design buildings and oversee construction. How do these two things fit together?

Typically we spend a lot of our day indoors. Whether we are at home or at work or socialising with friends and family we are often in and around buildings. The way a building is designed has a large impact on our health and well-being.

Poorly designed buildings will often suffer from poor air and light quality as well as substandard thermal comfort, excess noise and health and safety hazards. A poorly designed house or workplace will not lift your heart and make your heart sing.

The role of an architect is not only to design a beautiful building that is specific to the site and reflects the clients needs. They will oversee the construction and ensure the finished product meets everyone’s expectations. In addition an architect who is interested in wellness will employ design strategies to ensure that the client receives a building that promotes health and well-being.

We all deserve to live and work in buildings that encourage good health, well-being and safety. When you think of how you want to feel in these places you probably think “I want to be comfortable”. Being comfortable is harder to achieve than you may think - it is important that thermal comfort, noise, smell, air quality, natural light levels, building materials, functionality and aesthetics are all considered in the design.

Here at Aspect Architecture we are interested in wellness and well-being - it is our number one goal for any building we design.

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