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Photovoltaic Panels - what are they and should I get some?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Photovoltaic Panels or PV Panels transform the sun’s rays into electricity for your home or business. PV panels make a lot of sense if you are at home during the day or work from home. They can be really good for business premises. The panels generate electricity during the day and at night you are supplied exclusively by the grid.

We have found PV panels to be really helpful in new houses where the client wants to install underfloor heating. The PV panels generate enough electricity to power a heat pump to run the underfloor system during the day to warm up the floor slab. During the hours of darkness when the heating is turned off a well insulated slab will only lose 1 to 2 degrees of temperature so your house will remain warm during the hours of darkness. This mitigates the high cost of heating a home during winter in the Wairarapa.

PV panels can be located on your roof—or if you have a lot of space you can locate them in an area away from your house. There are new products on the market where the PV panel is part of your roofing material. You can source your PV panels from a number of outlets in the region - you don't usually need a building consent.

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