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The perfect pergola...

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

We LOVE a good pergola at VRA and include them wherever we can. A pergola is a transition space between the outside and the inside—providing shade, filtered sunshine and sometimes rain cover.

A good pergola can add another room to a building. It connects the building to the outside and can break down a monolithic wall. A well designed pergola will add texture to the exterior of your home and improve the overall aesthetic.

A pergola can be reminiscent of rural sheds with their lean-to’s and home built add-ons lending a New Zealand aesthetic to a building. It is important to detail a pergola correctly, badly designed pergolas look cheap and temporary. The design is definitely in the detail.

Vineyard House - Martinborough

Town House - Martinborough

Luna Estate Winery - Martinborough

Kuratawhiti House - Greytown

De Groot House - Martinborough

Poppies Martinborough - Winetasting and Function Centre

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