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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Tiles have developed so far since the beginning of their time. Tiles were first seen in the second century AD, being used by the Kings of Ancient Sri Lanka on floors and in swimming pools.

We at VRA LOVE to use a tile throughout our house designs. There are a magnitude of applications for the modern day tile– a vast range of options in differing patterns, colours, styles, and sizes. Whether you have a space that requires a feature point, are doing a bathroom alteration, or building a new home– tiles are a material you could look into.

Reasons for making the swap to tiles:

· Sizes: The range in sizing of tiles today is ENORMOUS. There is a tile for every space—large and small. A large tile in a small area creates an illusion of more space. Using a small tile as a feature creates a space of intimacy.

· Range: There is a tile for every style of house, every space, and every application. Choosing where to put the tile is the hard decision. Making the right choice of tile allows you to match the character of your home, or make a contrast or statement.

· Create a feature: A tile is a great way to make a feature. This can be done with a patterned floor tile, a contrasting coloured wall tile, or a 3D textured tile.

· Heating: Tiles can get cold easily so we recommend having undertile heating to provide warmth under your toes and make brushing your teeth in the winter more enjoyable.

· Long lasting: Ceramic and porcelain tiles are some of the longest lasting flooring and wall products– if they are installed correctly they can maintain their aesthetics for years.

Check out our tile inspo here—or to see more we are on pinterest

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