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Writing a Brief

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Renovating or building a new house can and should be fun and exciting - for everyone involved. However far too often we hear horror stories of clients feeling they have not been heard. Misunderstandings between the builder, the client and the architect about the scope of a project and how much was allowed for it in the building contract can lead directly disappointment, disillusionment and dissatisfaction with the project. Writing a brief will help you avoid this scenario.

The below questions are designed to help you write your brief…

Remember to include the WHYs to these questions as well...

Who will live in your home now and in the future?

What different activities will you need to accommodate?

How do you want your new home to fit with the environment?

Are there any health or safety issues you need to consider?

What type of house would you really like to live in?

How do you want the inside of your home to look and feel?

What type of heating and cooling would you like?

Do you want to install smart home or specialised AV systems?

If a renovation - do you want a staged process?

What is your budget?

Does your budget include consent & consultant fees & GST?

How much time do you have to be involved in the management of your renovation or new home building project?

If you still need some more help writing your brief we have an entire briefing document on our website which can help further. We are also an open book when it comes to helping our clients and can start asking the right questions to get you thinking.

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