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Resource Consenting - 6 best tips

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Perception Planning is a team of resource management planning, landscape and freshwater professionals based in Martinborough, Taupō and Christchurch. We help people with feasibility assessments, resource consent applications, submissions on plan changes, strategic resource management planning, as well as landscape design and assessment, ecological assessments and consultation/engagement projects.

Our company tag line is ‘your connection with the environment’. We are focussed on helping people who want to do things responsibly and in a sustainable way. We love helping people who know what their values are and who strive to apply those values to the projects and activities they do. Here are our 6 best tips to help things progress smoothly from a planning perspective...

1. If your project is likely to be of concern to neighbours or the council, get a planner involved as early as you can. Time spent getting things right at the beginning is usually far more cost-effective than trying to resolve major issues further down the track.

2. Understand the constraints of your site, including the district and regional plan requirements, before you start your design process. Adapting your design to the environment is often much easier and more rewarding than trying to bend people and things to your will.

3. Use the best professional advice you can. Good advice, even if it isn’t what you want to hear, can be a little bit more expensive to get but can save you a lot of cost and stress in the future.

4. When thinking about your project, consider how it will suit your neighbours and the local environment as well as how it will meet your direct needs.

5. Think about the future when planning your project. How might the environment around you change in the next five, ten or twenty years? Be aware of what might happen on land around your property as well as what might happen on your property.

6. Don’t be scared of resource consents! A resource consent is simply a way for the council to check that what you are doing is OK. If you have applied the tips above to designing your project, you should be in a good place to set out clear reasons to support your proposal.

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