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When Renovating or Building Goes Wrong

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

When we stuff up renovating or building, it rarely involves tens or hundreds of dollars. More often than not, it means thousands, tens of thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars extra.

For many things in our lives, we can correct our mistakes. Have another go, and do better next time. Yet, when it comes to building or renovating our family homes, most of us only do it once or twice in our lifetimes. The expense is big, the decisions are permanent, and the choices we make become the home we have to live in – good or bad.

The fear of stuffing it up, and regretting the choices make (that are screaming at us daily in our homes) is real. Especially when you hear the horror stories.

Here are 5 must-do’s to keep you out of trouble...

1. Choose the right consultant team: The right architect and engineer will ensure your plans are robust and the path to consenting and construction is smooth.

2. Have a good contract with your builder: If things go wrong you want a robust contract that spells out how problems are to be solved.

3. Keep your architect involved: Your architect will help you observe the work that is undertaken and ensure that it matches what is outlined in the plans.

4. Build in a contingency to your budget: Everyone wants to make small changes during the build and unforeseen problems can arise during construction - plan for this by setting aside some funds at the start.

5. Document everything: Keep track of conversations, instructions, and errors at each step of the way. You will have difficulty remembering everything, and a paper trail will assist when any further action is required in disputes.

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